Friday, September 19, 2008

LA to San Francisco 9.08

Friends had told us to take our time driving up the coast since there were so many beautiful vistas and places to visit. And they were right!

Tuesday, Sept. 16 - Friday, Sept. 19. Santa Barbara, Solvang, Hwy 1, Salinas, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz. From Santa Monica we took the 405 to 101 to Santa Barbara. What a beautiful town! We took a guided tour in a van where we sat up high. We saw the pier and the waterfront with its tall palms, lots of bikes for rent, Old Town, the Santa Barbara Mission, and the Courthouse among other things. It's an expensive town to live in but great to visit.

We love the look of Norfolk Island Pines!

It was an informative tour and helped us get situated and decide where to go next. We chose the courthouse. It was built in 1926. The tile work was beautiful. There was even a huge room filled with murals of historical events. The last picture of the white building was the jail. Pretty nice looking jail! It isn't used anymore though.

The view from the top (3rd floor) of the courthouse where the clock is was great!

How nice to see tiles in the sidewalk and benches.

We took a detour to see Solvang, a Danish town. One article said to be sure to try out one of the bakeries. We liked the Danish style architecture downtown and the pastries were really good! A nice afternoon snack.

Between Santa Barbara and north of Solvang there were brown hills and cattle as well as fields of crops and grapes.

We spent the night in San Luis Obispo and drove off to our scheduled tour at the Hearst Castle the next morning. It's farther north on the coast with an amazing setting. John Randolph Hearst, of Hearst newspapers and magazines, was quite an entrepreneur. He also was very conscious of appearances. He often entertained movie stars and directors and people in the highest social class. His home was built on 40,000 acres that his father had originally bought in 1865. It was very pretty Spanish architecture and not over-the-top like we had anticipated. (He did drive his architect crazy since he changed his mind a lot!!) It has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and a private zoo. We saw the zebras grazing with some horses near the road. Getting an invitation to the Hearst home was coveted in the 1920's and 30's. His wife and children preferred Long Island. So he had a mistress in California! First we saw a National Geographic movie called "Building the Dream" which gave us a lot of info on Hearst and the actual building of the house. A bus took us to the top so the views were awesome just driving up there. There were a number of different tours offered but ours was just a general one.

Hearst was big into recycling before it was even a word. He collected used chairs, panels, doors, lamps, etc. to use in his home. The indoor pool was pretty amazing with a high dive which Johnny Weismuller, Olympian swimmer and "Tarzan" used.

Elephant Seal Point was just north of San Simeon. We saw lots of seals but you couldn't get very close. There were also many places to stop along the road to take in the beautiful scenery!

We drove up Big Sur and took a hike at Molera State Park. We saw the results of the fires that had burned in September.

Seemingly never ending beautiful scenery!

We spent the night in Salinas and learned a bit about that city and its location in a lush valley. It's the salad capital of the US. The majority of US lettuce greens are grown here. We also saw acres and acres of broccoli. Castroville, north of Salinas, is the artichoke capital. We found a great authentic Mexican restaurant for dinner in Salinas.

Monterey Aquarium (in Monterey) is on Cannery Row, the old fish canning factories made famous by John Steinbeck. We were here with Scott and Julie 17 years ago and thought it was fabulous. Now they've added to it and it's even better! We watched them feed the cute little penguins. And the jellyfish were really interesting to watch.

The starfish in the touching pool were such pretty colors and shapes. And the sea anemones were fun to watch. I had never seen so many live sand dollars.

Here's my favorite tropical fish, the Moorish Idol and an outdoor porch at the aquarium where we watched the sea lions and birds.

The last time I drove the scenic 17 Mile Pebble Beach Drive was with my parents in 1964. I don't remember much except the Pebble Beach golf course on the cliffs. It also goes through the Del Monte Forest. We paid $9.25 to drive it. We could use that money as credit in a restaurant on the drive but they're very expensive so we didn't. People live on these roads but you just follow the red line. There are 21 stops. The drive was once a trail on which covered wagons carried guests from the Hotel Del Monte to picnic grounds along Pebble Beach over 100 years ago. We loved the beach with all the cairns. The appropriately named Bird Rock was covered with sea lions, harbor seals, and birds.

We saw some unique houses and estate homes.

I had to get a picture (the one on the right) of the famous "lone cypress" whose picture is actually copyrighted. (I can't sell the picture.) It's a symbol of fortitude and is the eternal symbol of the Pebble Beach Company.

We stopped at the Lodge at Pebble Beach to check out restaurant prices - a bit steep for us but there were lots of people. We enjoyed the view from the outdoor cafe overlooking the 18th hole. Quite a golf course!

We drove through Carmel and then down Ocean Avenue to Scenic Road to check out the beach. Of course the town and beach were beautiful! This is where Clint Eastwood was the mayor in the 80's.

Santa Cruz beach boardwalk has the oldest beach amusement park in California. We were there too early for the rides to be going but there were lots of people playing volleyball. Under the pier rested many sea lions on the pilings. They're fun to watch and are they loud!

If you've never heard a sea lion, click on the video.

More beautiful scenery between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Golf Links is near San Francisco. We took a walk to the beach at the Ritz Carlton and enjoyed the golf course, the nice houses, and the beautiful scenery. We thought it was nice that they let the public enjoy all this!

The drive up the coast was gorgeous. We saw clouds, sun, fog with most temperatures in the 60's. Unforgettable! On to San Francisco!

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