Friday, June 22, 2007

It's About Time!

OK, here we are three weeks into September and we're finally getting around to our first posting on our blog. You cannot believe how busy you get in retirement. I've listened to other retired folks talk about being so busy but I thought that was all a myth. We're here to tell you that it's true. The first few months of our retirement has been busy, busy, busy. We started out by taking 8 days in late June and early July to go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon and then spent 5 days hiking and visiting the area around Lake Tahoe. We'll post a detailed account of this trip later.

The rest of the summer was spent preparing ourselves for a year of traveling and our getting our condo in Amherst ready to rent by the 1st of September. We also spent some time in Ogunquit, Maine at Sandy's mother's place. We attended a big family reunion the last weekend in July and also spent a week in mid-July up there painting and entertaining our good friends the Mullins and Gagnons for a few days.

Sandy was lucky enough to be able to spend 8 days in late August driving cross country with Scott. Libby's parents had given them an older Saab and he and Scott had a great time transporting it from Minneapolis to Sacramento. There will be a more extensive post on that later this month.

We left Amherst on Thursday night, August 30th. Julie and her boyfriend, Michael, came up that afternoon and we went at Bertucci's for dinner. We were joined there by many good friends who came to see us off.

We spent a wonderful long Labor Day weekend in Maine visiting Sandy's mom and enjoying the fabulous weather that weekend. There were long hikes, beach days, and Sandy being destroyed in bocce ball on the beach by Becky.

We then spent 2 weeks traveling out to Michigan and then down to our place in Fort Myers, Florida. We had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and family, some of whom we had not seen for many years. We will write in more detail on this later. We're going to be in Fort Myers for 3 weeks. This will give us time to prepare the home for our seasonal renters and to get updated on our blog.

We'll start with our trip down the Colorado River. We'll post that later today and over the next week to 10 days we'll try get caught up on our postings.