Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tucson - Starr Pass Resort Weekend

March 21-23. Instead of just going to dinner with George Sierra at the Starr Pass Resort where he works in Tucson, he wanted us to "experience" the resort. He was able to arrange Easter weekend to do just that. We had a fabulous weekend! This was such a treat for us since we've never stayed in such a nice resort. The weather was perfect, about 80 and sunny.

The view from our room showed the newly opened Lazy River and water slide. We really enjoyed this!

The views from the patio were magnificent, first the 2 reflection pools, then the 27 hole golf course, and then the mountains and the city of Tucson. (There was also a kiddie spray "pool" and a lap pool and spa.)

The resort is on the west side of Tucson next to Tucson Mountain Park. In fact, there are hiking trails right from the resort into the park. We went hiking every day. We found two nests of a desert wren, one in a cholla (unusual side entrance), the other in between two saguaro arms.

We also saw some more unusual saguaro and a dead one. It was amazing to see the skeleton of one and still see it very much alive. This little one is anywhere from 15-25 years old although it's really hard to tell from its height.

There were lots of activities all weekend, mostly geared to kids since it was Easter weekend. But there were also guided hikes and bike trips (for a fee). Late afternoons they give everyone a complimentary shot of tequila and we hear a story about it. (We still don't like tequila, definitely a flavor to acquire.)

George treated us to a superb dinner at the Primo Restaurant (also in Orlando and Rockland, ME). We had pork, red snapper, an apple tart and zeppole (like fried dough balls) that basically melted in your mouth. Saturday we had lunch at the casual spa restaurant. It was excellent too. We had a chicken panini, grilled shrimp salad and a pina colada smoothie.

At night we retired to our room where we put on our Starr Pass bathrobes and enjoyed our complimentary magazines with our "turn-down chocolates". Ah, luxury!

Thank you so much George!!!

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