Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Wicked time in NYC

Thursday, 10/17. We flew to NYC and were greeted by warmer weather than in California! Julie and her boyfriend, Michael, who live near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, picked us up and we all did some sightseeing for 2 days. We visited the Brooklyn Historical Museum and learned that it was named for a Dutch town Breukelen. We walked along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which borders the East River. What a beautiful walkway and view. We imagined ourselves living in some of the old houses there.

Sandy, Julie and I enjoyed the delightful Broadway musical, "Wicked." (It was a full house.) If you don't know, it's the story of what happened before "The Wizard of Oz." Before we went to the theater we stopped in the Village to visit Amherst friends, David and Jane Lithgow, who live there during the week. They have such a nice apartment! Julie was drooling.

Friday, 10/17. By the time we emerged from the subway in Manhattan it was raining. (Now we felt right at home since we had 3 wet days in California.) Our first stop was Sotheby's Auction House where they had a exhibit of Grace Kelly commemorating the 25th anniversary of her death. There were videos, memorabilia, jewels, dresses, hats, even sunglasses. It was interesting to learn a little bit more about her. We were unaware of the Grace Kelly Foundation in support of the arts.

We walked miles to the Paley Media Center, formerly the Museum of TV & Radio. On the way we went by the filming of a movie. We stopped to check it out and I heard a male voice say, "Hi, Julie." It was "Chris from Long Island" who, on this film, is an assistant director. Julie knew him from a couple of movies she was in where he had been the PA (Production Assistant) in charge of the extras and stand-ins. The movie is "Ghost Town" and they were filming the first scene with Greg Kinnear (the father in "Little Miss Sunshine"). So, that was kind of fun to be with Julie and have her be recognized like that.

At the Paley Media Center you can choose any TV show (or radio show) to view and then go to a booth with earphones for 4 people . We chose "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis." It was fun to watch that old show with Julie. She only knew Bob Denver after that show and in "Gilligan's Island." We also saw Highlights of Sid Caeser. What an incredibly talented man!

After dinner I showed Julie how to make a macrame plant hanger and we watched the final episode of "Mad Men." She doesn't have cable so watches shows after they air on her computer.

Julie and Michael are vegan so we had some food that we don't usually have, like buckwheat pancakes and different kinds of sprouts. Everything was great!

We loved being able to visit both of our kids and their significant others. We'll see Julie and Michael at Thanksgiving and plan to see all of them together at Christmas in Florida.

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